Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Sometimes air conditioners leak. This can damage carpets and the structure of the home and could be a sign that something is amiss. This is why home owners need to act as soon as they notice such leakage. Finding the root to the problem and then acting ensures that the issue can be alleviated and the air conditioner is properly operating.


One of the most common reasons behind air conditioner leaking is heavy use on hot summer days. Such running could come from condensation coming from the model’s evaporator coil. This piece of the machine acts as a dehumidifier: pulling in and then removing condensation. To remedy this issue, turn the model off for a short period of time so that the system can properly drain the condensation.

Air Flow Issues

Air conditioners have filters that ensure air is pure. However, such air filters can become clogged, which can then form a layer of ice around the evaporator coil. It is important that the filter is properly cleaned. Some of these parts can be simply washed or cleaned by the home owner and others need to be looked at by HVAC professionals.

Clogged Drains

The drain pipe of an air conditioner takes the home’s condensation and releases it out of the room, replacing it with cool dry air. Dust and other items can sometimes be sucked up along with the condensation, which can build up over time. If the pipe is full or caked with debris, then leakage can happen. Repair specialists can help with repairing or cleaning the model’s drain pipe. .

Turn the System Off

It is important that while the air conditioner is leaking that it is turned off. This ensures that the problem does not become worse, and it will also save a home owner on energy bills. The lifetime of an air conditioning system depends on proper maintenance.

Insulation Issues

The back of an air conditioner is usually insulated near where the model is affixed to the wall. Over time, this insulation can become soaked with condensation since it’s near the copper pipes. This wear and tear can sometimes result in a leak at the back of the model. Professionals can come in and replace such insulation to stop leaking and ensure the air conditioner is operating at peak performance.

Proper Installation

Home owners should always check that the model is properly installed if there is leakage. Not being balanced or properly affixed can throw the machine off and make it work harder than necessary, which can then result in leakage. It is important that the model is secure and stable.

It is important that home owners have air conditioners inspected on a regular basis. This should happen right before the hot summer months and right afterward. Proper inspections ensure that the model is cleaned and ready for use. Additionally, it is wise not to run the model when one is not home. Heavy use sucks up energy and can also result in leakage.